10 Reasons to Consider Water Underfloor Heating For Your Home

Do you find that it’s incredibly difficult to heat your home up in the winter?

If so, you might want to consider installing water underfloor heating. It’s one of the most effective ways to heat your home evenly.

When you have underfloor heating installed, a system of pipes will be placed underneath your flooring and covered with a liquid screed. These pipes will be used to carry warm water throughout your home’s floors, which will heat the floors up and distribute heat.

There are many benefits that will come along with having water underfloor heating installed. Here are 10 reasons to consider it for your home.

1. Distributes Heat Evenly Throughout a Home

There’s a reason it’s hard to heat up homes with radiators.

Radiators are capable of getting very hot. But they aren’t capable of taking the heat they produce and distributing it evenly throughout a home. The area surrounding a radiator will usually be unbearably hot, while those areas furthest away from it will remain on the chilly side.

This is a problem you won’t have to face with water underfloor heating. The pipes that provide this type of heating run under every part of the flooring in a home. Warm water runs through them to heat up rooms evenly and to make them more comfortable in no time.

2. Cuts Energy Bills

For a radiator to do its job, a boiler needs to supply it with steaming hot water. That means the boiler has to work hard to heat the water up before delivering it to a radiator.

This is another problem that you won’t have to deal with when you use underfloor heating. Because underfloor heating distributes heat so evenly, it doesn’t need water that’s as warm as the water used in radiators.

This will dramatically reduce your heating bills over time. You won’t need to use as much energy to make your home warm.

3. Wastes Less Heat Than Traditional Heating Systems

If you have a window open in your home or even just a draft coming in under a door, you’re going to have a heck of a time heating things up with a radiator. Most of the heat your radiator produces is going to be wasted.

But this won’t be the case with water underfloor heating. Even if you have all the windows in your house open in the wintertime, your floors will still get warm and stay warm no matter what.

We wouldn’t advise opening windows in the winter or allowing drafts to introduce a chill into the air in your home. But it’ll be nice to know your underfloor heating is capable of continuing to work against all odds.

4. Provides More Comfortable Floors All Year Long

Is there anything worse than walking around on cold floors in your home in the winter? It’ll send shivers down your spine and have you running for the nearest pair of slippers.

With water underfloor heating, the floors throughout your home will stay warm to the touch throughout the season. You’ll be able to walk around barefoot without having to worry about catching frostbite on your toes.

5. Saves Space in a Home

Radiators are big, bulky, and take up a lot of space. They can make it hard for you to maneuver around in certain areas of your home.

When you have underfloor heating installed, you can toss your radiator in the trash and free up a lot of space in the process. You won’t have to tip-toe around the radiator anymore.

6. Enhances the Look of a Home

In addition to taking up valuable space, radiators also aren’t terribly attractive. They can actually be a huge eyesore if they’re located in the wrong part of your home.

Once you have underfloor heating, you can remove radiators and make your home look pleasant again. The days of trying to find a way to cover up radiators to make rooms look better will be long gone.

7. Installs Easily Under Almost Any Flooring

Did you know that you can install water underfloor heating underneath almost any type of flooring that you have in your home?

That includes:

  • Tile floors
  • Wood floors
  • Stone floors
  • And even some kinds of carpeting

Regardless of what kind of flooring you want in your home, underfloor heating can be placed under it.

8. Gives People the Ability to Heat Specific Rooms

If you want to be able to control the temperature in every room in your home individually, water underfloor heating will give you the opportunity to do it.

The pipes in an underfloor heating system are all connected at a central point. This will allow you to decide which rooms you want to heat up and which ones you don’t, all from your thermostat.

9. Adds a “Wow!” Factor to a Home

Guests who visit your home aren’t going to be blown away by radiators. They’re probably not even going to notice them.

But they will notice your underfloor heating, and they’ll be amazed by how it works. If you enjoy surprising people with the fancy features you have in your home, underfloor heating will definitely do the trick.

10. Increases the Value of a Home

Are you going to sell your home at some point in the future?

Homebuyers will love to see water underfloor heating installed. It gives off a luxurious feel that you wouldn’t be able to provide with regular radiators.

Underfloor heating has earned a reputation for being very high-end, and that could pay off for you in a big way when you sell your home.

Think About Installing Water Underfloor Heating in a Home Today

As you can see, there are lots of advantages that you’ll enjoy with water underfloor heating.

Your home will feel a lot more comfortable with underfloor heating installed. You’ll also save money on energy costs and make your home look better overall once your clunky radiators are gone.

Read our blog for more information on how liquid screed plays an important part in the success of underfloor heating systems.

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