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diy concrete patio

DIY Concrete Patio: How to Make Your Own Outdoor Entertaining Space

Out of all the materials available to build a patio area, concrete is one of the most versatile choices. The finishing effect is smooth, clean and can even come in a variety of tints. In addition to this smooth finish, you can form it into geometric or curved shapes. On top of the classy look, […]

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underfloor heating screed

Keep Your House (and Feet) Warm: Benefits of Water Underfloor Heating

Some like it hot. Walking barefoot across a marble floor, safe in the knowledge that it’s warm to the touch is an extravagance many of us can only dream of. This is where underfloor heating comes into its own. Not only does it keep you cozy, but it also makes a statement that says luxury.  If […]

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underfloor heating

Comparing Costs: Is Water Underfloor Heating Worth the Investment in Your House?

Poor insulation and a cold home increase the risk of respiratory illness. Are you considering installing underfloor heating but not sure if its worth it? Not to worry! We are going to discuss the ways to heat your floors and some of the benefits. You’ll want this installation in no time. Want to learn more? Keep […]

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Concrete being Pumped

Don’t Make These Common Cement Pumping Mistakes on Your Building Site!

With self-builders now accounting for 10% or more of all new development, people are taking on bigger and bigger projects. With the help of online DIY guides and instructional videos, concrete pouring is becoming a more common home building tactic than ever before. If you’re pouring concrete on your own, whether you’re an expert or […]

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Person Hand Testing The Moldy Wall

An In-Depth Look at the Benefits of Using the Calcium Carbide Bomb Moisture Test

The ancient world didn’t communicate with a maximum of subtlety, but it understood something about the broad strokes. Take for example the common belief that four elements form the world: earth, water, fire, air. Keeping a proper balance between these elements is both the intent of construction and its downfall. Controlling these elements requires an […]

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pumpable concrete

Pumpable Concrete: Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know

Conventional methods for delivering concrete not fitting your project? Are there hard to reach areas for the regular wheelbarrow to bring? You might want to consider a faster and safer solution for transporting concrete. The solution is pumpable concrete. This easy and fast solution is well sought for by various construction projects. In fact, even […]

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pumpable concrete

What Are the Advantages of Using Flowing Concrete?

What if you could complete your next major project in record time and under budget? Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner, this probably sounds like a dream come true. But with flowing concrete, you may just be able to turn this dream into a reality. Despite how handy this concrete is, many people do […]

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water underfloor heating

10 Reasons to Consider Water Underfloor Heating For Your Home

Do you find that it’s incredibly difficult to heat your home up in the winter? If so, you might want to consider installing water underfloor heating. It’s one of the most effective ways to heat your home evenly. When you have underfloor heating installed, a system of pipes will be placed underneath your flooring and […]

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liquid screed

The Different Types of Liquid Screed (And Which One’s Right for You)

Think about ordering from a restaurant menu of 10 pages. Then imagine it’s in another language. The confusing options are what many face when deciding on the proper liquid screed. Add to this terms like anhydrite (a mineral) and laitance (prevents bonding in flooring) who knows where to start? The good news is that it […]

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liquid floor screed

What’s the Difference Between Flowing Concrete and Liquid Floor Screed?

If you’re a contractor, builder or DIYer, chances are you’ve heard “liquid floor screed” and “flowing concrete” used interchangeably. It can be enough to drive any well-informed professional or enthusiast mad. If you don’t quite know the difference between the two, don’t worry: many don’t. However, comprehending the basic discrepancies is a quick way to […]

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