Concrete being Pumped

Don’t Make These Common Cement Pumping Mistakes on Your Building Site!

With self-builders now accounting for 10% or more of all new development, people are taking on bigger and bigger projects. With the help of online DIY guides and instructional videos, concrete pouring is becoming a more common home building tactic than ever before. If you’re pouring concrete on your own, whether you’re an expert or […]

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Person Hand Testing The Moldy Wall

An In-Depth Look at the Benefits of Using the Calcium Carbide Bomb Moisture Test

The ancient world didn’t communicate with a maximum of subtlety, but it understood something about the broad strokes. Take for example the common belief that four elements form the world: earth, water, fire, air. Keeping a proper balance between these elements is both the intent of construction and its downfall. Controlling these elements requires an […]

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pumpable concrete

Pumpable Concrete: Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know

Conventional methods for delivering concrete not fitting your project? Are there hard to reach areas for the regular wheelbarrow to bring? You might want to consider a faster and safer solution for transporting concrete. The solution is pumpable concrete. This easy and fast solution is well sought for by various construction projects. In fact, even […]

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