Other Services

Floor Preparation

Floor preparation can be completed for you by one of our operatives. If you would like to complete this yourself, please see our comprehensive guide with easy to follow steps. Please note that screeding cannot commence without the correct floor preparation in place. If you would like advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Laitance Removal/Screed Surface Sanding

As with all calcium sulphate screeds, there is one essential step that must be completed prior to any floor covering being adhered to the surface of the screed. During the curing process, a fine weak layer forms on the surface of the screed, this must be completely removed using a powerful industrial sanding machine. Failure to remove this layer properly may result in a delamination of the floor coverings and in turn a floor failure. It is recommended to use a professional to remove this and at Gyvtec Ltd we offer a full removal surface using our specialist, fully dust extracted sanding machines. Laitance removal can commence 7 – 10 days post installation.

Moisture Testing

Before any floor covering can be adhered to a laitance free calcium sulphate screed floor, a relative humidity (RH) of 75% or less needs to be recorded. Please contact us today for a moisture testing quote.