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Topflow Liquid Screed Thermio installed in Prestbury Cheltenham

Liquid Screed in Prestbury Cheltenham Gloucestershire Topflow Liquid Screed a Thermio with Underfloor heating in Prestbury, Cheltenham. The Pink colour is the additives that are put into the screed to give it its outstanding Underfloor heating performance. There were many different floor levels prior to the floor being installed. Part of the screed floor has […]

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Water Underfloor Heating in Cranham Gloucestershire

Where the Floor Magic Happens: Contact Gyvtec Ltd on 01452 689449 An energy efficient new build project with water underfloor heating in Cranham Gloucestershire. Gyvtec Ltd will visit the site around 18-24 hours before a Calcium Sulphate Liquid Screed flooring is applied over the water underfloor heating pipework. The task in hand for the project […]

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liquid floor screed

What’s the Difference Between Flowing Concrete and Liquid Floor Screed?

If you’re a contractor, builder or DIYer, chances are you’ve heard “liquid floor screed” and “flowing concrete” used interchangeably. It can be enough to drive any well-informed professional or enthusiast mad. If you don’t quite know the difference between the two, don’t worry: many don’t. However, comprehending the basic discrepancies is a quick way to […]

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Liquid Screed Moisture Testing

Moisture Testing for Screeded Floors : What is it and Why is it Important?

Liquid Screed is increasingly becoming a popular flooring option in the UK. This is due to several reasons, including fast installation times and less product usage. Also, it has little waste during the installation process. Like most flooring options, shoddy and unprofessional installation can result in unnecessary and costly repairs. One of the essential aspects […]

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