Water Underfloor Heating

water underfloor heating service

Water system underfloor heating consists of a network of pipes that sit under the floor, warm water from any heat source is circulated through the pipes, heating a room from the floor up, resulting in an even heat throughout the room, offering a great alternative to radiators. It can be laid under practically any type of floor cover, including tiles, stone, wood or carpet. The pipes are connected up to a central point, a manifold and each individual room can be temperature controlled separately via a thermostat.

heatmiser statThe benefits of combining underfloor heating and liquid screeds are that the liquid screed can be laid thinner than traditional floor screeds and remove the liquid screed flows around the pipes with no void spaces eliminating air pockets giving much better heat transfer to the surface of the floor. Water underfloor heating is typically more efficient to run than radiator heating and therefore results in cheaper running costs. This is due to the heat being more evenly distributed through the room and so water at a lower temperature can be used to achieve the same result.

This is an example of a heatmiser stat that is used to control the temperature of each room individually.

warm water floor

This photo is a great example of how the liquid screed flows tightly around the pipe work, preventing any void spaces or air pockets. This is what creates such even distribution of the warm water in the pipes through the floor.

In this video you can see how easily the screed flows in its liquid form. At the beginning you can see the flow test being completed. We always check the screed to make sure it is the perfect consistency resulting in a great finish. The screed then flows from the drum mixer into the hopper of our screed pump ready to be distributed into the room via the hoses. The liquidity of the screed and the speed of our pump results in us being able to fill large areas in a very short time frame, up to 2,000 square metres in a day.